Relaxation - Empowerment - Joy of Living 

          Seven Elements of Self-Healing           

- Sustainable clarification of conflicts and disagreements -
Utilisation of
internal and external conflicts with
wisdom and compassion


   What stops us at work and at home to experience
more relaxation, empowerment and joy of living

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How can we improve our couple relationship
and experience more joy of living?
Teleclass Couple Relationship

How can we solve conflicts at work as at home
in a way that is enriching and sustainable?

What prevents us from achieving our goals
or changing something?


Personal Development - Coaching (inner conflicts),

Conflict Resolution - Mediation
(outer conflicts),

Telephone- and In-Person Seminars

- to cultivate dealing with and transform uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and sensations compassionatly... And parallel to this

- to cultivate the connection to the fulness and beauty of our needs and thus our life energy...


For more relaxation and life energy in every days life


The foundation of my work:
- the Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
   of Marshall Rosenberg
- the deepening NVC transforming processes
   of Robert Gonzales

- the insights from the Integral Theory
Ken Wilber


Volkmar Richter
Personal Development & Conflict Resolution
Integral Coaching & Mediation
for Emotional Well-being
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