NVC Online Groups:

Seven Elements for Well-being and
Joy of Living in Everyday life

Cost-free online group to practice the seven principles,
necessary for emotional healing

For emotional well-being in everyday life


In these groups you learn and practice in a small group. You will learn and practice how to support yourself and others in transforming all discomfort of life into relaxation, empowerment and joy of living. Here, the "Seven Elements of Self-Healing", that I see in Robert Gonzales' NVC transformation practice and that are probably necessary for any emotional healing, are used as an extremely effective "method".   


Do you experience stress, frustration, anxieties, or resignation in everyday life? With the Seven Elements you can transform them and retrieve and cultivate your life energy.    


By practicing with other course participants you can also expand your support network.


The Seven Elements offer an effective practice for self-healing - and you can get to know and practice them from home.


What is the benefit of this online group?

- In a small group you can learn and practice to transform unpleasant feelings and experiences of everyday life into relaxation, energy and joy of life

- You will find effective and friendly support for processing challenging experiences - from home

- With this support you can integrate what you have learned into your everyday life and find more relaxation and satisfaction. 

- You learn to better understand how your feelings arise and why you do or don't do certain things - you learn to understand yourself better.


Two alternativ dates:

Thursdays 09:30 Uhr - every 1. und 3. Thursday each month

Thursdays 20:00 Uhr - every 2. und 4. Thursday each month


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- 7 interactive online conferences of 2 hours each (two each month)

- Partner exercices between online conferences

- Extensive supplementary material

- 1.5 hrs. individual coaching to transform discomfort into life energy



None - it's a gift. I consider the NVC transformation practice of Robert Gonzales to be so valuable that I would like to make it available to everyone. Money should not be an obstacle.  


In addition I would like to live in a world in which all humans want to support each other voluntarily and do it, where they can. A world in which every human being shares his resources without fear. I believe that only if we focus nationally and internationally on promoting the possibilities of such care will we be able to end the cycle of violence and find peace. This is just as true between individuals as it is between states. That is why I do not want to sell my work, but invite people to support me through donations.



Why do I offer these online groups?

I want to promote a culture of mutual support where everyone can find and give effective support. Perhaps it will then be possible to build up a large "All-sided Support Community" together with others.    


In the past I often felt alone with the challenges of life. I somehow had to cope on my own with my painful experiences and with tension, resignation, anger, stress, worries, etc.. I had no one who really could help me.    


As I know today, I suffered unnecessarily due to the lack of friendly and effective support - the emotional wounds could not heal. So I want to provide others with the kind and effective support that I would have needed at that time to process the painful experiences without having to suppress, numb or distract my pain.    


Such a support helps me again and again to process unpleasant experiences and to relax again and to reconnect with my power and my joy of living.



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If you have any question, please do not hesitate to write me an email.


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