The Purpose of my Work:

With my offers I want to help people to free themselves from suffering. This personal liberation seems to me to be intertwined with a social and global liberation from the basic principle of control and thus from the principles of dominance and coercion that rule more or less obviously almost the whole world -- and also our society.

In addition, I am exploring and developing ways together with the "Nonviolent Global Liberation Community" ( to preserve the value of this currently predominant form of society and to overcome the disadvantages that cause suffering. This predominant "type of society" is also referred to as a "patriarchal society" and we are working with many others to develop ways to realize the vision of a post-patriarchal world -- a world that fits all (see Vision - Goal - Task).

Further explanations:
By "suffering" I mean the discomfort that arises from "guilt and merit thinking" and that again and again leads to new violence against oneself and/or against others.

By "violence" I mean actions or omissions that are experienced as disregarding needs and interests. "Nonviolence" here does not mean "fulfilling all needs at any time" (this might often be impossible at times), but it means: acknowledging all needs and interests at any time -- and acknowledging needs that we know is principally possible at any time.

The desire to respect all needs at all times is nevertheless a very high demand, because we can probably never know all the needs and interests that are affected by what we do or don't do, because we probably never really know all the consequences and side effects of what we do or don't do. However, we can always strive for non-violence and for this we need a culture of openness and trust, so that we get timely feedback if we overlook something.

The principles of dominance and coercion with their "tools" of blame and judgement ( the " guilt and merit thinking ") make such feedback more difficult and usually even impossible. This also makes it more difficult or even impossible for people to (better) get to know the consequences of their actions and inactions and, if necessary, to find alternative courses of action.

For me, these considerations also show that non-violence is best possible in living communities, because here it is not only possible, but also necessary, to build up this culture of openness and trust. We humans are dependent on each other to compensate for our individual blind spots and to get to know the consequences and side effects of our actions better.

With my offers I want to create the base so that every person can build up or expand such a " mutual support community " and together with others I want to build up such a mutual support community online.

Online Groups:


Seven Elements for Well-being and
Joy of Living in Everyday life

Cost-free online group to practice the seven principles,
necessary for emotional healing

For emotional well-being in everyday life


In these groups you learn and practice in a small group. You will learn and practice how to support yourself and others in transforming all discomfort of life into relaxation, empowerment and joy of living. Here, the "Seven Elements of Self-Healing", that I see in Robert Gonzales' NVC transformation practice and that are probably necessary for any emotional healing, are used as an extremely effective "method".   


Do you experience stress, frustration, anxieties, or resignation in everyday life? With the Seven Elements you can transform them and retrieve and cultivate your life energy.    


By practicing with other course participants you can also expand your support network.


The Seven Elements offer an effective practice for self-healing - and you can get to know and practice them from home.


What is the benefit of this online group?

- In a small group you can learn and practice to transform unpleasant feelings and experiences of everyday life into relaxation, energy and joy of life

- You will find effective and friendly support for processing challenging experiences - from home

- With this support you can integrate what you have learned into your everyday life and find more relaxation and satisfaction. 

- You learn to better understand how your feelings arise and why you do or don't do certain things - you learn to understand yourself better.

- You can enlarge your personal support network.


Three alternativ dates:

Wednesdays at 09:30 - each 1. and 3. Wednesday every month

Thursdays at 20:00 - each 2. and 4. Thursday every month

Saturdays at 17:00 - each 2. und 4. Saturday every month



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