Nonviolent Global Liberation Community

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Nonviolent Global Liberation Community is an online community initiated and co-created by Miki Kashtan that is committed to a nonviolent way of change. It aims for a world that works for all by exploring pathways to replace the principles of dominance and coercion with the principle of care.


The principles of dominance and coercion are driven by trauma and fear of new trauma and they are the foundation of almost all existing societies on the world.

The NGL Community and driven by global "liberalism" (where people become less free!) they are infecting the societies more an more in a depersonalised manner.


The NGL Community aims to uncover the influence of these principles in the systems of societies and explore and develops systems that are based on the principle of care and that can replace the conventional systems. NGL Community is a community of practitioners who want to use the results of this endeavour in concrete project in their sphere of influence.


You can support this endeavour by joining NGL Friends: . Also if you want to join the group of practitioners, this is the doorway.


If you are NGL Friend, you can find my special offers for you here (password protected area - if you don't have the password, please contact me)